Moving my Ice tokens from my Metamask wallet to


How can I move my Ice tokens from my metamask wallet to in order to stake them without having to pay huge fees on Eth network?

Is there another way to stake my Ice tokens without having to send send them to

I just want to stake them NOT to invest in pools.

Thank you

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I would just wait till the middle of the night and the gas prices will go down especially on Sunday night talking like 3:00 in the morning

But if you want to build for the future of reducing your gas prices you can do this and never have to pay More than a few pennies in the future
Go to and bridge

ICE to Fantom. Acquire nice from via the pool by trading.

If anyone From the community is here that knows an active pool with nICE- ICE then please let me know where there’s another trading pair on a different block chain. Currently I have bridged from multitasking over to avax and there’s nothing I can do with my tokens but that’s fine I’ll just hold them.

Thank so Much.
I will follow your advice.
Btw,do you have a dashboard where you can track your rebases on nIce?