Popsicle Governance Process 🏛

Popsicle Governance Process :ice_cube::classical_building: :

Popsicle Finance is a thriving protocol which will be evolving over time, details of the document below may change accordingly.

Popsicle Finance is an LP Optimizer that aims to become completely community led. In order to achieve this goal successfully we have created this multi-step document that will clearly outline this process.

As a community member, make sure to respect these guidelines, in order to create a productive and thriving discussion, maximizing our efficiency.

Remember that after a proposal has passed, it will take time for the team to implement it, and sometimes technical difficulties may arise that could cause delays.

We are open for suggestions, so feel free to shoot your feedback to our team members on our Discord Server.

Table of Contents

I. Governance Overview
II. Governance Process

  1. Starting a discussion
  2. Posting a Pre Popsicle Proposal (PPP)
  3. Post a Popsicle Improvement Proposal (PIP)
  4. Starting the Snapshot vote for the PIP
  5. Process Results

III. Pre Popsicle Proposals: A Template
IV. Popsicle Improvement Proposals: A Template

I. Governance Process Overview:
Governance is a fundamental part of Popsicle Finance. Through governance, members of the community can propose their ideas and suggestions in order to be considered and implemented by the team.

Governance revolves around PIPs (Popsicles Improvement Proposal), that once discussed on our Forum will be put to vote on our Snapshot Page!

Every major decision taken by the protocol will need to go through a vote before being implemented, but bear in mind that low level decisions such as adding new pools to our products might skip this process. This will allow our team to move fast and capture fees on highly traded pairs as soon as possible.

II. The Governance Process:

Let’s now dive into the different part that will constitute the governance process!

1. Starting a discussion:

The first step of creating a PIP is starting the discussion around a particular topic and seeing what other members of the community think about it. You can use both the General Discussion section of our Forum, as well as from the “Governance Discussion” channel in our Discord Server. Discuss your idea thoroughly together with your fellow community member, and be open for suggestions. Always remember to be civil and polite!

2. Drafting your PPP:

After an idea has been thoroughly discussed, you can start drafting your PPP (Pre Popsicle Proposal) and post a thread about it, using the PPP tag.

PPPs are the tool that will allow you to structure your idea, change it or improve it. Take as much time as you need to finalize your PPP, there is no hurry or timeframe required.

PPPs are fluid documents, they are meant to be changed as many times as needed before being considered ready, so feel free to ask our mods or core contributors members about their opinion on how your document could be improved!

In terms of structure, make sure to give a title to your PPP that clearly explains the focus of your topic, and it is good practice to add a TLDR. Feel free to create subsections and paragraphs to better communicate your idea. Read more about how to structure your PPP later on this document.

Make sure to listen to our core contributors’ opinions during this phase, as there might be some technical difficulties you might not be aware of that will not allow your proposal to be implemented.

PPPs will be accepted if they receive enough support from the community. It means that a topic has gone through in-depth discussions to address concerns as well as uncertainties and a large part of the community accepts the idea fundamentally.

Once a PPP is mature (i.e it is detailed and complete enough) the transition process to turn it into a PIP can begin!

3. Submitting a PIP:

Ideally, there will not be a need to add anything to a mature PPP to post as a PIP. Practically, it will likely need some last adjustments, that can be suggested by our core contributors.

Therefore, once your PPP is ready, you will be contacted by one of them or by the mods and they will help you with any final change you may have. After this, they will then post it in the “Governance Proposal” section of our forum. Once it is there, we will give a few days for users to further discuss it and we will then post a vote on our snapshot page linking the PIP’s.

Make sure to read the PIP and PPP template located in this document before posting one!

On rare occasions (team proposals, already organized PPPs, etc) our mods can choose to allow the proposer to post the PIP directly, without going through the steps mentioned before.

4. Posting a Snapshot Vote

In order to keep the whole governance process organized and clear, we recommend following all the steps mentioned above before posting any governance proposal on snapshot. Ideally, it would be better to leave the posting of the actual proposal to one of our core contributors. Remember that there is a 4000 nICE requirement to post the proposal.

The duration of the vote is not fixed, but we require at least 3 days as it will give enough time to every Isvikinger to cast its vote. Exceptions to this rule apply when the matter is time sensitive (i.e adding a new pool).

A snapshot vote will always have the link to the proposal attached, a summary of the proposal and the voting options (Yes, No, and any other needed option). Our Snapshot page can be found here.

As a voter, remember that voting happens only on Ethereum currently, and that it does not cost gas fees. Your voting power is given by the amount of nICE tokens held in wallet.

5. Results

Once the voting has ended, the contributors will take care of implementing the proposal. Remember to be patient, each implementation adheres to the highest security standards, hence it might take time!

Pre Popsicle Proposals: A Template

A Pre Popsicle Proposal (PPP) is the second step towards creating a proposal. Before creating a PPP, make sure to discuss your idea with fellow members on both Discord and especially on the Forum.

Once an idea is clearly structured, and has passed this initial inception phase, a PPP can be created. Remember that PPPs are fluid by nature, and can be changed multiple times following community inputs.

PPPs are posted into the General Discussion Section of our Forum with a [PPP] tag and need to respect (with the adequate exceptions) the following template. Remember that PPPs are living documents, not all of these points need to be nailed right from the beginning, but can be added over time as the PPP matures towards a PIP. Ideally, once a PPP is mature, there is no need to further amend it before turning it into a PIP.


Give your PPP a title that clearly summarizes the main idea. Every PPP will be numbered by one of our core contributors, so that it will be easier for other members of the community to refer to.
I.e: [PPP #0] Deploying Sorbetto on Polygon Chain.


Summarize at the best of your abilities the content of the proposal in a few lines, giving a TLDR is good practice and extremely useful for the rest of the users.


It’s really important to provide links and resources to give a background to other users on your idea. Especially for collabs, or deployment of new Sorbetto Pools, feel free to attach the whole background documentation that you believe is necessary.

As a rule of thumb, the more info you can produce about a project, the easier it will be for community members to educate themselves on it before deciding. If possible, please provide a link to the previous discussion on the forum or discord, to help others catch up on the topic.

Main Body:

This is the part where you can deep dive into the details of your idea. Explain what your intentions are, why you think it would be beneficial for Popsicle and nICE holders, and what would be required for it to be realized.

Feel free to structure this section as you prefer, adding any subsections you think might help better communicate your idea (i.e Motivation, Drawbacks, Risk analysis…)

If you are proposing a new LP pair to be added to our products, make sure to attach in this section some historical data and past performances. When describing the pool, specify the Fee Tier, TVL Graphics and any other relevant statistic you may find!

Remember that we can currently deploy our Fragola pools only in deep TVL pools, so make sure to check that at least $12M are available in the UniV3 pool.

Reference to previous PPPs if you want to see some good examples on how to structure this section.
Contracts: Provide us with any smart contracts relevant for your proposal.

Next Steps:

State what are the next steps for your PPP. You can use this last section to show what is the current progress of your PPP. (i.e if you are still gathering data, if you want to improve it more or if you are ready to submit the PPP to one of our core contributors to turn it into a PIP!)

On a final note, feel free to discuss with our core contributors and mods, as well as your fellow community members on how to improve this proposal. As mentioned before, don’t hesitate to change your PPP if you have a better idea sparked by the discussion. Make sure not to rush it, and address any major concern by the community before finalising your PPP proposal.

If your proposal is time sensitive (i.e highly traded new pairs), feel free to ping one of our Mods on discord to have quick feedback!

Remember that only the most recent version of an RFC will be considered, so make sure that all the past edits are reflected in the final version.

Once a PPP has been finalised, and it is mature enough, it can be turned into a Popsicle Improvement Proposal (PIP).

Popsicle Improvement Proposals: A Template

Popsicle Improvement Proposals (PIPs) are the final document that will be used as a reference in order to vote on your proposal.

As mentioned before, the main goal is to turn PPP into PIP only when they are completely mature. In this scenario, no more changes are needed to your document, and it can be posted by one of our core contributors in the “Governance Proposals” section of our forum.

Needles to say, the nickname of the original proposer and the one of all the contributors who shaped the PIP will be included. Similar to PPP, a number will be assigned to the PIP to easily allow members to keep track of it.

After this, at least 5 days (exception for time sensitive proposals) will be needed before starting the actual snapshot vote, to allow every Isvikinger to educate themselves on the PIP. Once the discussion has reached an end, one of our core contributors will start the snapshot vote. You can read more about how the voting process on snapshot is organised in “4 - Posting a vote”.

You can read more about how the voting process on Snapshot is organised in “4 - Posting a vote”.

And just like that, your PIP is live and up for voting!

For any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Discord!

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