PPP: Create Roadmap w/ Limone Release and Provide Community Update

Introduction – Starting a Discussion

The forum asks to start a document in the General Discussion section of the Forum, as well as the Governance Discussion page in the Discord server. This post will be posted in both locations. I will also follow the precise steps for submitting a PPP as laid out in the “ Popsicle Governance Process ” document.


Although recent events cannot be overlooked, Popsicle Finance core team members have stated that Popsicle and the $ICE token are an individual unit in terms of teams, separate from other projects (Ref image #1).

As such, there has been a long-awaited release for the Limone function of the Popsicle.Finance system, to which the community has not received a clear message. This submission proposes that the core Popsicle Finance Team create a Roadmap for the release date of Limone after highlighting the previous steps taken, which further indicates the need for a roadmap to keep the project focused and mission aligned.


Main Body

The above tweet was used only to illustrate that the team is in fact separate from some of the recent events. However, I believe that the whole community is aware that there is some overlap of efforts. There has been a divergence from what was the perceived path by the community to creating the flagship Limone on Popsicle.Finance. Some of these divergences are highlighted below. The purpose of which is to indicate both the amount of time the community has waited and the distractions that have taken place as a result of no clear roadmap.

Originally, Limone was to be released on BSC and Opera chains (Ref image #2).


And Limone was not only to be on BSC and Opera, the “plan” was to release before Fragola (Ref image #3).


The project has been put on hold on numerous occasions. And, while we can say that the teams are separate, there is a strong correlation between activity of core team leadership on the Popsicle Discord since the expansion of Spell/Abracadabra, Time/Wonderland. For instance, the last time that Daniele discussed the release of Limone was in mid-August of 2021. In fact, the last mention of Limone by Dani was on August 19, when sharing that the team was pivoting to release Fragola first , before Limone (Ref image #4) .


For those that were in the Discord server during this time, the reason for the focus shift was because of Uniswap V3 being released.

For brevity, I won’t discuss Time/Memo/Wonderland and the distraction that may or may not have contributed to the deviation from the release of Limone . That’s its own situation and bringing it up won’t justifiably further promulgate the efficacy of this submission.

Furthermore, it seems there is a general fear around asking the team about the release date or any information on the release date of Limone . Here is one example (Ref image #5):


And in my experience, the only response to any inquiry about the release date or any developments is met with a meme response:

SOON ™ ”.

There is no Roadmap listed on the Popsicle Finance Document page, as indicated by both a manual (arrow-click) search through the document and a search conducted using the search bar (https://docs.popsicle.finance/) (Ref image #6).


Also, there is no roadmap listed on the Popsicle Finance Forum (Ref image #7).


It is for the above-mentioned reasons we need a Popsicle Finance Roadmap that clearly discusses the plan for Limone . Furthermore, a reasonable explanation as to the current status of Limone should be issued to the community. Distractions led to some divergence of focus on Popsicle related efforts, and any inquiries as to the release or current status of Limone are either ignored or met with what has become a meme response, which should not be an acceptable standard of response for any community engaged project.

Proposed Next Steps:

Popsicle Finance: Roadmap 2022

  • Vote on the decision to create a Popsicle Finance Roadmap that clearly outlines next steps for Limone *.
    • Subpart 1a: Provide status update to community that clearly states whether or not Limone will in fact be completed, and if that final iteration will include BSC (as that LP pool was discontinued after another shifting migration to Matic/Polygon chain).
  • Draft proposed “Popsicle Finance: Roadmap 2022” document. Submit to Community for review.
  • Vote on the draft “Popsicle Finance: Roadmap 2022” document.
  • Publish the approved document (pending revisions) on website


Popsicle Finance Forum


Popsicle Finance Document page

Popsicle Finance Discord page

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I agree, I think the fact we have “soon” as like a running joke/meme for everything is pretty questionable for a “company” with a 66 million market cap. But I suppose it is crypto so maybe you cant treat it like a real company/business.